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[Body fat reduction] 8 effects of saponins + rich ingredients [spoiler: green tea and natto].

I want to know what saponins do for you!"

I want to know how saponins work to burn fat."

I want to know what foods contain saponins!"

In this issue, we have compiled information on saponins for these people.

Read this article.You may have heard of saponins, but what exactly are they? The question "What exactly is saponin?

Please read to the end.

."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)I'm also looking into the ingredients and effects of the "I'm looking into the ingredients and effects of the

The effects of saponin remain intact.ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Some of the effects of the

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What is Supponin?

Saponin is, in a nutshell,"A generic term for glycosides of sugars and sapogenins."It is.

...but many people say, "I know what sugar is, but I don't know what sapogenin and glycosides are," right? Let me explain.

What are Glycosides?

Saponin is the generic name for glycosides composed of sapogenins and sugars.

It dissolves when mixed with water and exhibits surfactant properties such as soap-like bubbles when shaken.

Saponin - Wikipedia

In short, think of it as "sugar + sapogenin = glycoside.

Conversely, sapogenin isGlycosides minus sugars.OK in.

Incidentally, there are several types of sapogenins. There are some differences depending on what kind of sapogenin is attached to what kind of sugar, but they are generally referred to collectively as "saponins.

The type of saponin that is produced depends on the type of sapogenin that is attached.

This is why each of the multiple saponins has a slightly different effect.
Toxic substances are called "sapotoxins" in particular.

Bubbling saponins

In fact, the name saponin comes from soap, which isSoapy foaming properties (surfactant action)There are

eraserteais bubbling or bubbling when soybeans or adzuki beans are boiled is also a property of saponins (seereference(See Section 2.1.2.).

A familiar example is green plastic bottles.teaIt is also shwewe if you buzz off the That is also saponin.

Incidentally, this property has been known in Japan since the Heian period (794-1192), and the saponin-rich "mukuroji" (reference)" and "Saikachi (reference)" was used in place of shampoo.

It is only similar in nature to soap, but it is a completely different substance from soap, so there is no problem putting it into the body.

8 effects of saponin

Let's take a quick look at the effects of saponins.

Please note that as mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of saponins, so not all of them are perfect.

8 effects of saponin

A variety of benefits exist for saponins, starting with body fat management.

immunityIt is also highly effective in killing cancer cells and viruses by activating T cells in the body.

Also about diet,They "reduced the amount of bad cholesterol while maintaining the amount of good cholesterol."This is not to be overlooked, as research has shown that

Now, let's take a look at these wonderful effects ofFoods that provide saponinsLet's take a look at the

Foods and supplements containing saponin

As mentioned earlier, saponins can be expected to have a wide range of benefits, mainly in the form of vasodilation.

greenteaand soybeans and natto are familiar and easy ways to consume.

of courseashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Also recommended!

Especially greenteacan be in plastic bottles, so it is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Other foods containing saponins andsupplementis summarized in the following table. Please refer to it.

Foods and supplements high in saponin

I've listed a few, but the quickest is natto, or green, as mentioned above.teaThis will be decided in the following way.

Oat rice, quinoa, and amaranth areCommercial five-grain or sixteen-grain riceIt is contained in such items as

Runner-up.ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Saponin is the most popular ingredient in this product. In addition to saponin, it contains a variety of active ingredients and is our top choice.

Three reasons why saponin is effective for weight loss

Now, among the many benefits of saponinsmanagerwill focus on thebody fat percentage・Contribution to weight loss by lowering cholesterol(in Japanese history)reference(See Section 2.1.2.).

of saponin or saponin-containing extracts,There are a whopping 40+ papers on anti-obesity.

Of course, as mentioned above, there are various types of "saponins," so it is recommended to take a good balance of the aforementioned foods.

After checking those papers, the weight-loss effects of saponins can be roughly summarized into the following three categories.

Three reasons why saponin is effective for weight loss

  • Inhibition of pancreatic lipase activity(in Japanese history)reference)
  • Activation of AMPK(in Japanese history)reference)
  • Appetite suppression(in Japanese history)reference)

Let's look at them one at a time.

Inhibition of pancreatic lipase activity

First, the saponinsInhibition of lipase activityFrom.

A study by the University of Oxford found that saponinsIt has the effect of inhibiting lipase activation.It is known that

incidentallyLipase" means "triglyceride."to two substances, "fatty acids" and "glycerin".hydrolyzeenzymes.

I'm thinking, "Doesn't breaking down medieval fat = a good thing? What's the benefit of interfering with that action?"Some may say.

It's different.

As mentioned above, by lipase,Fat is broken down into "fatty acids" and "glycerinThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

And,Fat energy is absorbed and stored in the body in this "fatty acid" state.Yes.

In other words, the saponin delays the breakdown of fat into fatty acids by the action of lipase.

Results,Expel fat from the body before the body absorbs extra fat.That is what I mean.

Oxford University paper, by inhibiting the breakdown of fat by pancreatic lipase,May inhibit absorption of fat into the intestinal tractHe suggested that the

Incidentally, saponins extracted from bellflower are used in this experiment.

Activation of AMPK

Although it is also closely related to the aforementioned lipase deactivation,Saponins have the effect of increasing fat (and sugar) consumption by activating AMPK(in Japanese history)reference)

."...even if they say...What is AMPK anyway?"Many of you may say.

AMPKis "Adenosine Megaonophosphate-activated protein kAbbreviation for "inase".Enzymes central to metabolismIt is.

AMPK" and "AMP ActivationproteinWhen you see the string "kinase," just remember, "Oh, we're talking about metabolism.

AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase). AMPK is a serine/threonine kinase that monitors intracellular energy status and regulates glucose and lipid metabolism accordingly.Metabolic Master Switch."The name of the system is called

Activated AMPK enhances energy-producing pathways (glucose transport, fat oxidation)and the energy consumption pathway (proteinsynthesis), thereby restoring intracellular ATP levels and contributing to the maintenance of intracellular energy homeostasis.

AMPK: Bio Keywords|Experimental Medicine Online: Yotosha, Inc.

AMPK performs the following two things when ATP (energy) in the body begins to decrease.

Two effects of AMPK when ATP in the body is reduced

  • Increase ATP production
  • Reduce ATP consumption

Incidentally, this ATP is energy used for all human activities.

Move your arms and legs, read a book,weight trainingThe ATP is also what does all the work.

By the way.The main source of energy, ATP, is sugar or fat.

In other words.AMPK activation increases energy production = increased sugar and fat consumption.

Anaerobic exercise (weight training), and ATP is preferentially produced from sugar during aerobic exercise, and from fat during aerobic exercise.

In summary, by consciously consuming saponins"Activation of AMPK → increased consumption of sugar and fat → slimmer body! This is what we can expect.

Appetite suppression

So far, saponins have beenNutrients excellent for lowering fat in the bodyI have explained that this is the case.

But surprisingly,Saponins suppress appetite itself.There are

Korean experiments with ginseng (referenceIn,Ginseng saponin administered to rats fed normal and high-fat diets, respectively.I did.

The result,In the ginseng saponin-treated group, weight anddietary fiberDecrease in "appetite peptides" such as leptin and neuropeptide Y (NPY) as well as quantity and fat contentIt turned out that

Like this,The anti-obesity properties of saponins have been supported in many papers from various fields.

Summary: Familiar but wide-ranging benefits of saponins

How was it?

Even though saponin has many benefits,greenteaIt can be easily ingested with familiar foods such as natto (fermented soybeans), soybeans, azuki beans, and natto (fermented soybeans).

That's what vending machine plastic bottles green.teaBut OK.

Try to incorporate it into your diet if you like.

Let's wrap up this article.


That is all. Thank you for reading this far.


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