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Three reasons why ashwagandha can be taken by children [in health food products overseas].

Three reasons why ashwagandha can be taken by children [in health food products overseas].

Spoiler alert for this article: ashwagandha can be taken by children (at your own risk).

  • ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is one of the adaptogens
  • No adverse effects in studies in which infants were given the drink.
  • Contained in a health food product "for ages 3 to old" on Amazon India.

."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Can a child drink it?"

What effect would it have on my child if he drank it?"

'Physically? Intellectually?"

."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)I've started taking the "K" and I'm really feeling the benefits, but is it safe for my child to take it?" We are often asked the question, "Is it safe for my child to take it?

In this article,."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)can be drunk by children (at their own risk)."andmanagerI will discuss the reasons why the

Read this article,ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)The results of research on actual children's consumption of the product and the health food products that contain it are usually sold in the market are perfectly understandable.

Please read to the end.

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What is ashwagandha in the first place?

What is ashwagandha in the first place?

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)(scientific name: Withania somnifera Dunal) has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, to treat both physical and mental health problems.stressThe herb has been used as an effective medicine, tonic, and even aphrodisiac.

Nowadays, the effectiveness of these products has been proven by modern science through various clinical studies, and they are attracting attention.

The fruit is an evergreen shrub of the eggplant family. The name comes from the horse's (ashwa) smell (ganda).
Some say it is named after the robust vigor of horses.

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Rationale 1) Ashwagandha is an adaptogen.

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is counted as one of the "adaptogens".

What are adaptogens anyway?"We will also provide a proper explanation for those who are interested in this.

An "adaptogen" is generallyHerbs that have no harmful effects on the human body."It is designated as a "C" and has the following three characteristics

Adaptogen Requirements 3 points (reference)

  1. Harmless to the person taking it
  2. A variety of physical, chemical, and biologicalstressIncreasing resistance to factors
  3. To normalize physiological function: to return to normal values in any direction deviating from the norm.

In other words.(1) harmless in general capacity and (2) to both body and mind.stressIncrease tolerance, and 3) Keep the body in a normal state of health.So, a group of herbs that have the effect of "Adaptogens" are called adaptogens.

It was first defined in 1968 by Israel I. Brekhman and I. V. Dardymov.

Incidentally, the herbs counted as adaptogens as of 2022 are as follows

Herbs that are considered adaptogens (reference)

  • ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)
  • caterpillar fungus (esp. Cordyceps sinensis)
  • Toujin(Parthenocarpus kawakamii/Hikage-no-tsuruginen)
  • Ezo Araliaceae (Siberian Ginseng/Eleutro s)
  • Holy basil (Kamimebouki)
  • Ginseng (Korean Ginseng)
  • Wartorn Wigwam (Guduchi)
  • Amachazuru (Jiaogulan)
  • Licorice (Ganoderma lucidum)
  • Maca (Macao)
  • Reishi(Reishi/Mannentake)
  • Rouzia Kartamoides.
  • Rodyora.
  • Korean Gomi Chosen Gomishi/Omija/Shisandra)
  • Chaga (Bacillus thuringiensis)
  • Shilajit

However, we now have the following information about adaptogensNew DefinitionSome people advocate the

New Definition of Adaptogen 4 points (2019)

  • It is safe (i.e., non-toxic) and has a largeside effectOr no contraindications.
  • Increase the body's overall resistance and decrease sensitivity to stressors.
  • Maintain a constant and balanced internal environment (body homeostasis).
  • They work in a nonspecific manner to "normalize" bodily functions, regardless of the direction of the change from the normal state caused by the stressor. In other words, adaptogens are neither stimulants nor sedatives.

side effectThe explanation regarding the "harmless to the human body" to the "largeside effectThe key point is that "there is no

It may be that they just don't fit my constitution,taking medicine and certain foods together or in close proximity (which should be avoided)is bad, the dosage is too much over dirt, etc., so I think this is a more realistic representation.

This definition is advocated by Dr. Venus Ramos, a physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with medical training from Yale University, the University of Miami, and the University of California, Irvine.

This is a quote from an article contributed to the official iHerb blog.

There is an article that explains these adaptogens in detail, if you would like to read it.

Thus, the expertAs long as you follow the dosage, you're usually fine."The first is based on the reassurance that they are presenting as

Rationale #2: Studies of children taking ashwagandha.

But aren't the aforementioned examples of general adult-oriented stuff?"You think, don't you?

So there,to the actual development of the child.ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)A 2020 study evaluating the effectiveness ofto the following.

In this experiment,40 healthy infants for 12 weeksashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)and measured the values.

The results showed that compared to the control group that did not consumePositive physical and emotional impactwere observed.

Ashwagandha's Influence on Infants

  • Weight gain
  • head measurement
  • chest measurement
  • mid-arm circumference
  • stature
  • Early achievement of developmental milestones

Developmental milestones are guidelines that serve as indicators of a child's development.Accuracy of body movements and comprehension of language.Yes.

In response, the researchers."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Glyta has proven beneficial to the growth and development of infants."The company is committed to

side effectThere is no specific mention of adverse effects.

Too bad there is no mention at all of "how much capacity they gave."

Thus, in a study that actually had children drinkingIt's had a rather positive effect on me physically and mentally."and is also considered to beside effectThere are no reports ofThis is the second reason.

Rationale 3) There are health products for all ages containing ashwagandha on Amazon in India.

As a final rationale,ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Containing "all-ages" health products are normally sold abroad.It is.

Reference product: Dabur Chyawanprash - 2 X Immunity - 500 gm

What is the target age group?From age three to old age.You can see that it can be drunk by people of all ages.

It also has a high rating on Amazon. 4.5. This is great for the number of people buying in English-speaking countries.

It is supposed to be dissolved in milk and drunk, and in the You Tube video, children drink it normally.

Looks delicious.

Product NameImmunity" is Japanese for "immunity."In the sense that,immunityIt appears to be patronized for the purpose of enhancing the

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)In addition to the following, it contains the following. All of these herbs are valued in the traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda.

Examples of Dabur Chyawanprash Ingredients

  • Amla
  • Haritaki
  • Dashmul
  • Ghrit
  • Other herbs

As a third rationale,Overseas, it's usually sold as a health food."It is It is rather definitive.

manageris not that I am a Western believer, but I think Japan has a rarer way of handling this.

Reason why it is not distributed in Japan

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)are not distributed in Japan.

It is not available on Amazon.International mail order such as iHerb if you want to purchaseUse the

2013,ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Withaferin A, the main ingredient of the drug, is designated as a drug by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as having acute toxicity equivalent to that of a deleterious drug.

For this reason,ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is classified as a pharmaceutical product and is not sold to the general public.

As we have seen so far,ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)school (e.g. of ikebana)Basically safe as long as dosage and administration are followed.

However, if the constitution does not match and defects, etc. occur,Please discontinue taking the medication.

In summary: It is safe for children if the proper dosage and administration is followed.

How was it?

In this issue.managerand."ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is safe for children to drink."We discussed the rationale for thinking that

Of course, this is assuming that dosage and administration are properly followed....

I would like to conclude with a summary of the article.

Summary of this article: ashwagandha can be taken by children (at their own risk).

  • ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is one of the adaptogens
  • No adverse effects in studies in which infants were given the drink.
  • Contained in a health food product "for ages 3 to old" on Amazon India.

Thank you for reading to the end!


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Three reasons why ashwagandha can be taken by children [in health food products overseas].

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