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Definitions: Adaptogens are not absolutely safe.

Dosage and Administration] Adaptogens are not absolutely safe.

Spoilers for this article

  • Adaptogens.side effectThere are reports of
  • The latest view "bigside effectis not" = "completelyside effectIt's not that there aren't any."
  • Follow the dosage & if you are unsure, seek medical advice for safe operation.

What are adaptogens? Definition?"

Even though it's an adaptogen."side effectoccurs, why?"

Are adaptogens really safe?"

This article will help you understand the current and past definitions of adaptogens and how to properly operate them to get closer to a healthy body.

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)and Holy Basil, etc. If you are already taking adaptogens, or if you are interested in trying adaptogens, please read on.

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What is ashwagandha in the first place?

What is ashwagandha in the first place?

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)(scientific name: Withania somnifera Dunal) has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, to treat both physical and mental health problems.stressThe herb has been used as an effective medicine, tonic, and even aphrodisiac.

Nowadays, the effectiveness of these products has been proven by modern science through various clinical studies, and they are attracting attention.

The fruit is an evergreen shrub of the eggplant family. The name comes from the horse's (ashwa) smell (ganda).
Some say it is named after the robust vigor of horses.

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What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are "physical and mentalstressIt is one of the "natural herbs that increase resistance toreference(See Section 2.1.2.).

It has been used for thousands of years in the ancient Indian traditional medicine "Ayurveda".

In general, adaptogens are "theside effectIt is a safe and good-for-you herb that has no It is considered to be

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ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Not only in the "Adaptogens" but in modern times, adaptogens as a whole have been studied and found that "adaptogen" = "not always absolutely safe".

taking medicine and certain foods together or in close proximity (which should be avoided)and constitution, there are a number of adaptogen cases that have had a negative impact on the physical condition of the patient.

Reference:ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)be beyond one's controlside effectCase in point.

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Based on the above, I will briefly explain the difference in the definition of adaptogens between the old and the new.

Definition of adaptogen: original version

First, the concept of "adaptogens" was defined by Israel I. Brekhman and I. V. Dardymov in 1968 as follows

Original Adaptogen Requirements 3 points

  • Harmless to the person taking it
  • A variety of physical, chemical, and biologicalstressIncreasing resistance to factors
  • Normalizing physiological functions.

In short, "harmless in normal dosage."stressto be strong" and "to keep the body in a normal state.

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ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)In addition to the RhodiolaMaca (Macao)There are more than 10 adaptogens, including ginseng, shilajit, amachaduru, and holy basil.

Why are there cases of side effects even though they are adaptogens?

Adaptogens = "harmless to the person taking them", so why not?side effectIs there an example of that?"You think, don't you?

I thought so too.

Regarding this,It is appropriate to interpret this as "that was the view at the time."The following is a list of the most common problems with the

As mentioned above, adaptogens were first defined by Nicolai Lazarev, Ph.1968.

in other wordsMore than 50 years ago nowof the

More research is being done today.

Over the past 50 years, there have been more and more studies and cases of adaptogens, and it has become clear that they are not absolutely safe.

'So how do you want me to interpret that now?' I think.

The newest updated concept and criteria for adaptogen proposed in 2019.

Definition of adaptogen: updated version

The newest updated about the definition of adaptogen for 2019.

Venus Ramos(Venus Ramos), M.D., "Adaptogens,stressAdapted and introduced from "Management and Health.

The world's largestsupplementThis is an article contributed to a blog operated by the distributor, iHerb.

latest version(2019 Edition)Adaptogen Requirements 4 points

  • It is safe (i.e., non-toxic) and has a largeside effectOr no contraindications.
  • Increase the body's overall resistance and decrease sensitivity to stressors.
  • Maintain a constant and balanced internal environment (body homeostasis).
  • They work in a nonspecific manner to "normalize" bodily functions, regardless of the direction of the change from the normal state caused by the stressor. In other words, adaptogens are neither stimulants nor sedatives.

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Revised the word "harmless" to reflect the reality of the situation.

side effectAbout,From "harmless to the dosed" to "bigside effectchanged to "no".

In fact, this is more accurate, as some (but a small number) of those taking the drug have complained of ill health.

Overdose or,taking medicine and certain foods together or in close proximity (which should be avoided)is bad, or the constitution is not suitable, etc.

Your nuance of "absolutely harmless" is accurate.

How to deal with adaptogens

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Well, what conditions are safe?" I am sure you are wondering, "Then, what conditions are safe?

managerAs far as the "Mere Old Man" has been able to find out, three things can be said with certainty.

3 ways to deal with adaptogens

  1. Do not overdose.
  2. Do not take under hazardous drinking combinations or under certain conditions
  3. Seek medical advice.

I will explain in turn.

Do not overdose

The first is not to "overdose".

Regardless of adaptogens, overdose of any substance can be hard on the stomach and liver.

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)Then it's about 1,200 mg per day at most.

No dangerous drinking combinations or ingestion under certain conditions

The second is to avoid "dangerous drinking combinations or ingestion under certain conditions.

The term "under certain conditions" here refers primarily to those who

Who should not take ashwagandha?

  • Pregnant or expecting delivery
  • People with gastric ulcer and gastritis
  • person with diabetes mellitus
  • People with autoimmune diseases
  • sleepPeople on medication
  • People allergic to eggplant family

Especially for pregnant women, there have been cases of abortion of babies.

We ask that you please do not do this.

Other reasons not to drink are detailed in the article below.

If you know of any, please read on.

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seek the judgment of a physician

Third, "seek the judgment of a physician.

It is the most powerful thing to ask an expert, even if it is a monthly question.

No matter what anyone says, it is safest to consult a doctor.

At that time, the medications you are taking and thesupplementMake sure to communicate your exercise status and any other health concerns you may have.

If you follow the above three points, you will be more assured ofashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)You will be safe with adaptogens, including

In summary, let's abandon the notion that adaptogens are absolutely safe.

How was it?

I would like to conclude the article with a review.

Summary of this article

  • Adaptogens.side effectThere are reports of
  • The latest view "bigside effectis not" = "completelyside effectIt's not that there aren't any."
  • Follow the dosage & if you are unsure, seek medical advice for safe operation.

More than 50 years have passed since the first definition of adaptogens was created.

"Harmless to the human body.side effectwas treated as "the herb that is not" a long time ago.

The definition of adaptogens has been updated, and it is becoming common knowledge around the world that dosage and administration must be followed in order to safely receive their benefits.

ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)is a wonderful herb.supplementBut, if you make a mistake in dosage andside effectIt is also true that there are cases of people suffering from

Be sure to operate appropriately.

That is all. Thank you for reading to the end.


This site is primarily intended toashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)to provide information about the results of the study and not to provide medical advice.

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any specific disease or condition.

Always follow professional advice when using the information on this site.

We also cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of acting on the basis of the information on this site.

Dosage and Administration] Adaptogens are not absolutely safe.

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