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10 benefits of tannin + abundant foods [although there are some side effects] [the benefits are more significant].

10 Benefits of Tannins + Rich Foods

I want to know what tannins do!"

Tannins haveside effectI hear there are disadvantages!"

Which is bigger, the advantages or the disadvantages?"

In this issue, we have compiled information on tannins for these people.

Read this article.Tannins? Tannin is the astringent ingredient in persimmons, right? Tannin's effects have been taken one step further from the level of "tannin is the astringent ingredient in astringent persimmons, right?You will find out what it is all about. Please read to the end.

And for those of you who are "looking into the ingredients and benefits of ashwagandha!"

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What are tannins anyway?

A type of polyphenol

Tannins in a nutshell.A kind of polyphenol."It is.

You are familiar with wine and chocolate.

The grapes and green tea from which the wine is made.Plant-derived compounds with a slightly astringent or bitter tasteThat is tannin.

Tannin astringency

What is characteristic is its astringency.When you eat grapes, your tongue feels squeaky clean because of the tannins in the grapes.

Other properties denature proteins and tighten tissues and blood vessels.

This is why the tongue becomes squeaky when foods containing tannins are consumed.
More precisely, the "squeak" is the action of saliva's protein sticking to other proteins.

This convergence isAlso useful for tightening skin and poresand is sometimes used in cosmetics and medicines in addition to food.

In fact, it is this "astringency" that gives tannins their name.

The name "tannin" comes from the English word "tan" meaning "tanning" (removing unwanted proteins from raw hides) and originally referred to a tanning substance used in leather making.

Tannin - Wikipedia

10 Benefits of Tannins

Now that we know the characteristics of tannins, let's review their nutritional benefits.

In fact, tannins, unlike other nutrients, areIt is called "anti-nutrients" and is used to describe the "disadvantages andside effectThe "Mere Old Man" explicitly statesThe company has been

However, "Antinutrients are frankly not that scary!" There is also a paper that says "Anti-nutrients are not that scary, to be frank!

Reference: ReferenceAnti-nutrients - part of a normal diet and not as scary as it sounds(English)

So, let's start with the benefits.

Effects and benefits of tannins 10 selected

  • antioxidant action
  • anticancer effect
  • antibacterial action
  • Acceleration of blood coagulation
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Balancing blood glucose levels
  • Decrease in serum lipids
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • Possible protection from heart disease
  • Nerve Protection

I see a noticeable improvement in the prevention of aging (antioxidants), anti-cancer, and blood flow in general.

It is also a key contributor to immunity.
The growth of many fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and viruses has been shown to be inhibited by tannins (seereference(See Section 2.1.2.).

Next, let's look at the disadvantages.

Excessive intake of tannins

As mentioned earlier, tannins have high nutritional benefits.

At the same time.If you overdose or if your constitution is just not right for it.side effectand disadvantages also existThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

That's why it is one of the "anti-nutrients."

However, as long as you don't overdoseThe advantages outweigh the disadvantages.The "I" in "I" is the first word in the Japanese language, so don't worry.

Now let's take a look at what happens when you take too much tannin.side effectLet's look at the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of overdose

  • Iron deficiency due to decreased iron absorption
  • Decreased efficacy of oral (taken) medications
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • gastric irritation
  • liver damage
  • constipation

Some may think otherwise due to constipation.

Tannins have a hardening effect on stools.In moderate amounts, it can suppress diarrhea.

On the contrary.Too much of it will make you too stiff and constipated.That is what I mean.

If you have any idea, maybe you drink too much tea or coffee?

Thus, if too much tannin is ingested or if a person with an unfavorable constitution ingests too much tannin, adverse effects may occur, but under normal circumstances, there is no need to be concerned.

If coffee or green tea makes you feel sick or nauseous, you may have a constitution that is not compatible with tannin or caffeine.

In fact, theIn most cases, the disadvantages of tannins are resolved by other nutrients and are harmless.

For example, green tea and ashwagandha contain many plant-derived active ingredients such as saponins in addition to tannins.

→ Tanninside effectThe risk of constipation and nausea in the "Mere Old Man" can be compensated for by hormonal adjustment of the autonomic nervous system with other active ingredients.

A well-known disadvantage of tannins.Decreased iron absorptionFor example, in the case of Ashwagandha, for example, regarding theAshwagandha itself contains iron.because of ...manageris not that concerned.

Plum zero?" (personal opinion). (Personal opinion)

Of course, this offsetting of advantages and disadvantages isThe same can be said for other plants and foodstuffs.It is.

In many cases, the total benefits will win out over the disadvantages of tannins.

Foods and supplements containing tannins

Now, so far, we have discussed the effects of tannins andside effectThe following is an introduction to the

We will now look at foods that contain these tannins.

Foods and supplements high in tannins 10 selected

  • Tea (black tea > oolong tea > green tea)
  • wine
  • coffee
  • Fabaceae (pea family of plants)
  • nuts
  • Chocolate (=cacao)
  • blueberry
  • grape
  • garlic chive (Allium tuberosum)
  • ashwagandha (type of Indian cactus)

The list shows that, as noted above, theYou can find it in a wide range of plant-derived foods.

Very often the astringency of tannins is employed as a means of preventing plants from being eaten by animalsThe name comes from the fact that

The astringent taste means that other animals, including pests, are hesitant to eat them.

We recommend ashwagandha, but green tea is probably the easiest to actually incorporate into daily life.

You might also try buying bottled tea on your morning commute.

As for intake, up to about 710 ml per day for green tea. For ashwagandha, it would be up to about 1000 mg per day.

By consciously incorporating it into your daily routine, you will be able to maintain a body that is clearly younger and healthier for longer than most people your age.

Column: Concentration of Tannin in Tea

By the way.The concentration of tannin in teas is basically "black tea > oolong tea > green tea".

However, theSo isn't black tea, with its higher tannin concentration, better than green tea?" In fact, it is not so.Note that.

3 reasons not to worry about tannin concentration

  • Tannins come in many varieties.
  • The detailed efficacy of each is actually still not well understood.
  • It is wiser to evaluate ingredients based on their overall strength, not just their tannins.

In this sense, I personally recommend green tea, which contains diverse nutrients such as catechins, saponins, vitamins and minerals in addition to tannins.

Of course, too much green tea can also cause vomiting and overdose of tannin and caffeine.sleepNote that you will suffer from a shortage.

Moderate amounts are important.

Summary: Tannins are a strong ally when consumed in moderation.

How was it?

I don't know why I ended up recommending green tea over ashwagandha, but I hope I have conveyed the benefits and appeal of tannins.

Let's wrap up this article.


  • Tannins are more beneficial if not taken in excess.
  • In fact, it's usually found in plant-based foods.
  • Recommended to take with green tea or ashwagandha.

That is all. Thank you for reading this far.


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10 Benefits of Tannins + Rich Foods

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